Friday, February 18

Jessica's Quilt (What's making me happy v5?)

We're still working on things that make me happy.  This is a quilt I made for one of my very good friends.  I've known her forever it seems like, since I moved to Dallas.  She was pregnant with her second baby then, a brother for her first son.  Now 8 years later she's pregnant with her third.  A baby girl this time.  The baby hasn't yet got a name, but she's due to arrive 7 March.  We had Jessica's baby shower a week ago and I gifted her with this quilt.


My first thought, of course, was "finally a baby girl!  I get to use pink!!"  There have been several boy babies lately.  Um, no, Jessica does not like pink AT ALL.  Obviously, her daughter will LOVE pink because Jessica doesn't, but since the one that will see this most is Jessica to start I decided to heed her dislikes and used purple, green, and blue.  The fabrics are dots, stripes, butterflies, and flowers.  I'm so incredibly pleased with how this came out.  It suits Jessica's style, is happily girly but not too girly, and has just the right touch of whimsy. 


The back is a quilt to itself.  I didn't have enough of anything so I decided to go ALL out for one of my oldest friends.  Why not make it reversible?  So there you go.


These images are actually before the binding, before I removed the extra threads, but after its been washed.  I got something on a bit of it and tried washing it to see if that would come out.  It didn't so I trimmed the border back a bit.  I think the border ended up the right width so I guess it was fate.  Part of the reason that I took the early photos was that I wanted to take the pictures in the snow but I hadn't yet even attached the binding, so there was no way I was going to get to take "finished" project photos before that snow melted. The other reason is that I knew this was going to take most of the available evenings between these photos and the baby shower to get the binding on.  I finished the night before with enough time to wash, dry, iron, and wrap.  Too dark for photos, but I think these do nicely.  (There might have been, er, another HUGE project two HUGE projects that I was working on at the same time that took some of the available sewing time...more on that later.)