How-to Align Quilt Corners - Easy way to make quilt corners match up.  This how-to also includes instructions for making this little quilt.

Small Squares Quilt

How-to Line a Knitted Bag - An easy way to line a knitted bag.  This one walks you through the steps of making an inner and outer liner in case you have a lacy bag you want to line. 

Supplies 1

How-to knit nupps for lace work - Step by step images for the creation of 5 loop nupps. Easy to modify for three or seven loop nupps as well.

Miralda's Triangular Shawl

Awesome Socks for Cats (aka Dr Seuss Cat Socks):
Cast on 28. Knit 5 rows of k1,p1 ribbing and 21 rows of stocking stitch. Knit a short-row heel. Rejoin everything and knit for 21 rows. Knit a little spiral toe. That's it. All done. So cute.

Dr Suess cat socks